Multilingual Sites

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With survey’s showing that 85% of online consumers will only buy from a website in their own language, you can see why multilingual is so important to success.

Based from Belgium we see first hand everyday the importance of languages living in a country where there are 3 Official languages. Creating web sites here requires that they can be translated into more than one language. Deciding on what languages you will need your website in will depend on the customers that you are trying to attract.

With a large amount of foreign nationals living in Belgium especially in the Brussels region you often find that websites are in a minimum of 3 languages. If your client base is specific and you are sure that you only need a website in one language then that’s great.  It all depends on your business and the target market, but is an important factor to consider.

We are able to create websites in any language you require. Creating multilingual websites is a costly process though and I suggest you read the pricing and build packages section when considering how many languages you need in relation to your overall website budget.

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