Maintenance and Updates

Updates aren’t a new phenomenon for anybody that uses a computer in work at home for business or pleasure. These days all sorts of technological advances are made everyday which leads to the need to stay up to date and current. This is exactly the same with a website and WordPress itself.

Keeping your website and WordPress installation up to date is critical to maintaining your website. Changes are made to keep your site secure and working exactly how it is meant to.  We work for an hourly rate of €35 to carry out various updates as and when required to any elements of your site that need it.

At the same time if there are any other changes to images, content and functionality that you would like we can also carry these out. If you are looking to carry out changes or change elements to the website on a regular basis then we can organise a web site maintenance plan to suit you. Look after your web site and it will look after you, your business and online presence.

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