Hosting is where your website is kept allowing it to be accessible all day everyday to visitors. There are a number of different company’s to choose from which we can help you with. Since our websites are built using a WordPress installation they are much more effective in a hosting environment that accommodates this.

We can also host the website through our own hosting account, which provides you with a number of benefits. We use the number one rated hosting company suggested by WordPress. The company has an up-time guarantee of 99.99% with a huge amount of additional services facilitating the management of your website.

Choosing us to manage the hosting of your website will mean that we can keep an eye on it, keep you informed and help you with any elements of your website hosting. Website hosting can be tailored to individual needs with you the client being in complete control. With prices starting from €99.99 per year we will be sure to help and advise you on what best suits your individual needs.

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