About Us

Swell Concepts and Web Design

We see first hand everyday the importance of an online presence for any and every kind of business. With the ever growing pressure to stay competitive in ever competitive markets web design allows organisations to take advantage of the power of the internet and further strengthen their position within the sector they are affiliated to.

“We always research a product or service on the internet before buying and for a lot of people the internet is the first point of contact.  This is why it is so important to create a strong online presence that distills confidence in the customer and can ultimately lead to them choosing you over your competition.”

For us a website has to convey to the visitor the true intentions of the company and provide in a quick, smart and informative manner how and what is being offered.  Through a minimal approach to webdesign we believe that a customer can be quickly informed and hence allow for a quicker and more educated decision on what they are purchasing.

Web design for ourselves incorporates a lot more than what is purely displayed on a PC, these days websites have to be adaptable to different mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet PC’s.  Based from Brussels we have also learnt the importance of being able to deliver the necessary content of websites in a number of languages to facilitate the visitor and client while visiting the site.

All these factors result in the end product we produce which is always and foremost related to the experience that the visitor has while visiting the site from any number of devices and in which ever languages are relevant.